I am the mom of a blended family. I am divorced with three young kids. I fell in love with a guy who has two young kids.

Today I set the table before a meal with seven plates. It makes me happy knowing that I have a larger family that depends on my cooking. But the reality of this life is that when it comes to cooking for them all, I need to watch my spending now more than ever.

I know there are many other people in similar situations- whether it’s because of divorce, financial complications, adoption or some unforeseen circumstance. Going out to restaurants is not an alternative. So here, in this blog, I will share my secrets for making great food while at the same time stretching the cost over three meals instead of just one.


No, this blog is not about cooking and serving leftovers. This blog is about using one key ingredient, bought in a large quantity, (on sale), and used to create three completely different meals.

I hope I have brought you inspiration to cook and great satisfaction knowing that you’ve done it smartly.