Ingredient Spotlight

When I think about the meals I want to cook for my family, I start by looking at what is featured, or on sale, at the store.  For instance, Publix is having a BOGO on chicken this week.  I’ll buy a large quantity and let this guide my decisions on the recipes I make.  From there, it’s about planning very different meals so that each one is a new, fresh creation.

Cooking this way has transformed the approach I take to dinner each night.  I was spending way too much time running back and forth to the store for different ingredients.  (Not to mention that I was spending more money because they most likely were not on sale.)  And no one likes leftovers so I was wasting food in the process.  I love to cook, but cooking was winning and I was losing.

So back to that chicken, I am busy looking up my recipes for chicken piccata, buffalo chicken paninis, and chicken mushroom risotto.  It should be a great week of food!