Cuban Panini

Cuban Panini

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Ingredient Spotlight: Pork Roast

Prep 5 min Cook: 10 min Makes 7 servings

2 lbs roasted pork, cut into thin slices
1/2 pound of sliced deli ham
7 slices of medium-thick swiss cheese
1 jar of dill sandwich pickles
7 Tbs of dijon mustard
7 ciabatta rolls, cut in half and basted with olive oil on the outside

Preheat panini grill, (or flat grill and prepare a foil covered brick weight to apply pressure on each sandwich.) Baste the outside of each roll with olive oil. Spread mustard on the inside and then begin to build the sandwich by layering the pickle, sliced pork, ham and a cheese. Place on a preheated panini grill and cook about 5 minutes or until dark grill marks are on the top of the bread and the cheese has melted.